Anonymous asked:
What is your advice to someone who wants to try shrooms for the first time? Thank you & I love you and your beautiful soul :)

Do them with friends & go on a fun adventure :) first time I did shrooms we rented a 6 seated bike thing & took a ride on the pier then played video games n shit it was coo as fuck best day of my life tbh.

Anonymous asked:
Tips for starting high school for the first time? I'm extremely nervous. :-///

Fuck everyone who has anything to say about you. They’re finding themselves too. You won’t ever see any of them after high school so worry about yourself & do whatever the fuck you want. Please.

Anonymous asked:
Ok, so I want your opinion on this... I've been friends with this guy for about 3 years and I just turned 18 and he kind of wants a relationship but he's like a lot older.. A lot a lot... And I want to date people closer to my age but I know I will hurt him so bad if I tell him that... He's already been hurt enough. I start college next month and I don't want to be tied down you know... I look up to you a lot and was just wondering what you think I should do.. I'm so scared of hurting him 😣

Don’t lead someone on it is damaging! No matter how hard you think it might hurt him to be honest it is much easier than living a fake dream! I believed a fairy tale one time & it didn’t end up well. Be honest with your actions if you truly care about him! He should understand & if not than I’m sorry but that is not your burden to carry. Be gentle tho! :) hope this helps you both.

gypsaisantannna asked:
was there a time in your life when you were depressed longer, deeper then just a day or a single moment. Apologies if you've already touched on a similar subject Xxo

Yes it was just recently but I’ve put it behind me & I am even better than I was before! You need to be sad to know happy!!! It all comes together